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Welcome to Memory Auto Sales!

Our business name comes from more than one meaning. For me personally it is the memory of my Dad. Bobby Brazee had a passion for American classic cars like no other.


From my earliest memory, I was by his side cleaning and servicing cool classic cars and hot rods of our own, and for friends and customers as well. His passion and work ethic was an inspiration, his friendship is remembered and his legacy lives on in the classic car world. 

 For us as well as so many others it's the “Memory” of these cars when we were younger. It’s like that feeling of going back to your favorite vacation place and remembering great times. We have sold cars to some amazing people through the years whose memory or sentimental reasons drove them to bring back that feeling.


For some, it’s that car they drove back in High School. For some it's the thought of good friends, cruising on a bright sunny day, or a first date.

For some, it’s the car their parents had or an

early family car. For some, it’s that dream car they couldn’t afford that a friend or neighbor had, and now they can finally afford. For some, it’s

the car they had that was wrecked or stolen. 

For some, it’s the car they sold when they

started a family.  For some, it’s investing in something you love that is sure to increase in value. We would love to help you find that dream car. 

We offer free classic car advice and free appraisals. Quality service, detailing & Restoration work available at fair and honest rates. We will treat your car like our own. 

-James Brazee 


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